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BV Services is a firm of financial advisers founded by Nigel Bolitho.
We've been in business for over 36 years.  We help individuals and companies both large and small.
Nigel Bolitho Financial Advisor BV Services

Survey Says!!

"Very well informed and relevant advice"

"Personable, knowledgeable, caring and efficiency"

"Knowledgeable representative"

"Very amenable and had our best interests at the top of his agenda"

"Understanding of needs, personal service."

"Given clear advice and lots of support."

"Personal touch"

"Ability to schedule meetings at my convenience, and not necessitating me to visit the company offices if I wished to meet nearer to my home."

"Small company so easy to see the same person every time."

"Friendly and informal communications"

BV Services Client feedback Survey 2024


As usual Phoenix Pension goes down, now only £100 per month.

Very pleased that your arrangements on my behalf are so much better!

Margaret May 2024

Just a note to say a huge thank you for helping organise my pension switch over. The money would have been lost or forgotten about, so I hugely appreciate the help.
Have a lovely Easter Break" - KP
April 2023

"Dear Nigel,
Thank you so much for seeing me this week.
I did indeed find the meeting useful and I much appreciate your help and advice. I slept much better on Wednesday-
I enclose the reply envelope I had from the bank when they originally wrote to me.
Thank you again.

Yours BJ"

"Dear Nigel,
Well done that man! A truly remarkable gain in these turbulent times!!!

Keith of Devon"

From Michael -
“I would, however, like to thank you for all the valuable advice you have given us. This was particularly the case when I retired for the first time and became self-employed.
The wisdom of your suggestion to invest whatever I could afford every year has paid off. In addition you found the best annuities at the appropriate time. So I do thank you for many years of sound investment advice”

From Wendy, Cambridgeshire -   
“I have found Nigel extremely helpful, reliable and always available (sometimes at very short notice) and willing to go over matters with me several times until the matter is completely clear. I have already recommended him to several of my friends.”


"Some people ask about IFAs recommendations. I've got a good one! Years ago, 20+ years, someone told me to go see Nigel. He told me the best thing I could do was buy a house. He didn't get any fee for that advice but it was good advice. Since then I trusted him. He's made very good investment recommendations for me.  I can't be bothered to keep checking stocks and am too busy with papier mache to get around to it (and I work in Finance in Canary Wharf!). So he does it for me a few times a year, makes good long term picks for my pension or my ISAs, and my kids now. Anyhow, i've been very happy with him. He takes 0.5% of everything as a fee, and who likes paying fees?  But he's made me an excellent rate of return over the years, like amazing. So the fee is very worthwhile it turns out.

Nigel has sorted out my ISAs, Pension, Income Protection in case i have a bike accident and has given me some friendly advice during a separation - one of the only people who was practical and helpful then. He looks after the Grandparents investments for my kids now too.

This is why I recommend Nigel.

Thanks Nigel!"

From Stephen in Hartlepool 

“Dear Nigel Many thanks, once again for your impressive efforts in securing financial support from LV, making this year the best for many years. I was a little confused though as to why I am paying 20% tax on the monthly payment I receive from LV. I thought this Government were lifting the poorest out of tax altogether. Meanwhile, I shall continue to inform everyone I can about BV Services.”

"Nigel, I seem to be Indebted to you greatly recently. I have received a letter from HMRC to say that they have checked my return and there is no further tax to pay.

With Thanks Harold."

"I thought I would drop you a quick note to say how much I very much appreciated your valued advice and patience with me regarding my Drawdown contract with L&G. 


It must have been very frustrating for you that I don't own a computer and you had to do a lot of running around, photocopying etc in order that I received my pension payout.

I take on board your advice Nigel and will spend my money wisely.  I have already replaced my poor car and paid off some debts!  I will also try to refill the “pot” when I can for the future.

Once again many, many thanks – greatly appreciated.  Kind regards.

C of Over"

From Betty in Woodbridge, Suffolk

“Dear Nigel Thank you for your letter, but sorry no money for ISA. I have paid to have a new bathroom – new shed and new windows. Bungalow has reached the age where things need doing, but never mind thanks to you I can do it and I am alright. I cannot thank you enough for your help, I am very lucky. Thank you. Have a lovely Christmas, take care.”

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